Home Automation

Home automation is the use of one or more dedicated computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. An automated home is also called a smart home.

A smart home can include the scheduling and automatic operation of water sprinkling, heating and air conditioning, window coverings, security systems and lighting.

Home automation may also allow vital home functions to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a computer connected to the Internet or a smart phone.

is a smart home brand from Vectorwind-tech systems that uses world leading Home automation controllers and equipments.

is a digital home experience of Facility automation, Lighting Automation, Security system automation, Entrance automation, Surveillance automation, Digital Home Audio, Home theatre automation and Irrigation automation.

 Lighting Automation

lighting controls help rooms look their best, while improving the comfort and enjoyment of occupants. Our

solutions offer customizable control of all your lights, plus control of everything else in your home at the touch of a button.

Lighting Automation includes controlling lights remotely, controlling lights through timer switches and sensors, setting custom light levels and schedules, and controlling scenes. With the touch of one "scene" button, everything is set to exactly as you like.

Security system & Surveillance Automation

Protect your loved ones, Home and property around the clock. A Smart Security system not only protects your home and property when you are away, it also protects your family when you are at home.Keep a watchful eye around your home even when you are away.


 Entrance Automation

A secure automated home means the security should start from the entrance.

In Entrance automation , includes two most security essentials,

Video Door Phone & Automated gate systems.

You can see who is at the door before you open it. With an audio video intercom you can both see and talk to your visitors before you let them in. A conveniently located button on the internal station allows you to open the gate or door to allow them access. Add in extra monitors around the house and you can also communicate internally. A press of the button allows you the view from the camera, and peace of mind, at anytime.

If it is necessary to open your Gate /Door just press a single button fixed inside your home or built in button with the video door phone Display panel. Or use the remote control provided with the Automated Gate system.


We have Solution for Swing Gate, Sliding Gate, Automated Roof and Shutter Automation with world leading brands.





 Smart Irrigation Systems

 Garden  is most important part of our home. Periodic watering and care for your Garden is a daily routine. Our automatic system will take care of your Garden watering needs. Time based or volume based configurations are available for your  requirements  








Centralized Vacuum System 

A Smart Central Vacuum System provides up to fi ve times more power than portable cleaners. Because the power unit is mounted out of the way on the garage wall and not dragged around as you clean, the motors and fans which develop the suction are built larger and more powerful. It will be a more quite, quicker, easier and healthier solution.

Vectorwind Safe pool

Vectorwind Safe Pool is a Pool safety system that ensures our children not entering our Pool area without our knowledge. If the kids try to open the pool gate , the Vectorwind Safe Pool system will alert and gives a loud alarm. This Solution is for who has already done 



Vectorwind Safe Pool system has IR fencing solution for those who have not done metal fencing around the Pool.